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Roxanne Grobbel has focused her career on helping clients heal from trauma and educating professionals about trauma’s impact on lives and appropriate treatment. She recognizes that the vast majority of problems which people face stem from earlier negative or traumatic experiences. Many people don’t recognize the impact of earlier trauma on their lives or how it even impacts their recent trauma. Roxanne looks at all of the events that have created the symptoms the client is experiencing and treating the whole person, not just focus on one event or symptoms.

Roxanne has a background growing up with first responders (police, fire and public safety) and understands the culture. She is able to help those individuals who may have resisted help by providing a safe judgement free space to explore all that has happened and how it impacts the problems of today. With EMDR and other therapies, she has successfully helped clients with issues including PTSD, addiction, relationship difficulties, attachment, depression, anxiety and other trauma related problems.

Roxanne was a practicing attorney before going back to school to pursue her real passion of psychotherapy. Her knowledge and experience in working with young children helps her understand the impact of early childhood experiences on adults. She is a post-graduate instructor for therapists on Trauma and EMDR and former instructor at Florida Atlantic University. She has published several chapters on trauma and has an extensive clinical background. Roxanne previously developed an award-winning trauma program for at-risk children and she brings this program development experience with her to help 11th Hour develop and continuously improve.


My Resume

In 2016, Roxanne received the Florida Viola Brody Award as outstanding play therapist by the Florida Association for Play Therapy and Social Work Educator of the Year from NASW-FL Palm Beach Roxanne coauthored a chapter, “Play Therapy Techniques with Very Young At-Risk Children in Child Care Settings” for a book edited by Charles Schaefer and published in 2008. She published a chapter, The use of Nurturing Restraint with Aggressive Children, in Touch in Child Counseling and Play Therapy: An Ethical Guide, Janet Courtney and Robert Nolan. She recently submitted a chapter, EMDR and Play Therapy Techniques for the young child. Roxanne received her law degree from Wayne State University and a master’s degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University.

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Roxanne Grobbel

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