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Meet Rachael and Roxanne

Rachael Starr

Rachael Starr

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Roxanne Grobbel

I can’t explain the relief I feel on a daily basis after spending 7 days with Rachael Starr doing EMDR therapy...I have been home for aprox 2 months since the retreat and I wish I had known about this program years ago, but better late than never.




Why should I choose 11th hour Trauma Retreat?
The 11 th Hour provides more individual therapy than any other retreat. You will have a custom designed program based on your individual needs, including types of therapies used, timing and duration of therapies each day, and methods of

relaxation and mental and physical recovery. All of our therapies are researched based and have been shown to be effective. All therapeutic interventions consider the neurobiological effects of trauma, as well as, brain development and attachment. Therapists help clients to reprocess trauma so that they have a more positive view of themselves, have control of their emotions and how they respond to situations. After therapy clients are no longer triggered in situations.

Participants will use EMDR which has been extensively researched and found to be incredibility effective, to reprocess trauma and expressive arts or body work to continue the reprocessing, so when they leave they no longer feel burdened by past events, are able to fully function at work and are to maintain positive relationships in their lives.
What are the accommodations?
11th Hour Trauma Retreat will provide lodging at a hotel near the office for nights that you are participating in the retreat. The participant is responsible for any nights prior or after the retreat. Please contact 11th Hour for the hotel arrangements should you desire to stay at the hotel arranged by 11th hour.
What time should I arrive?
Book your flight to arrive in the late afternoon or early evening the day before the program begins. You can rent a car so that you can explore and be independent or participants can call to discuss pickup times. For participants flying out on the day the retreat ends, you will be dropped off at the airport. The retreat will begin at 9:00 am, after you enjoy breakfast and/or a workout or swim at the hotel.
When does the retreat end?
The last day of the retreat ends at 12:30. 11th hour staff will take you to the airport following the end of the session.
Snacks are provided throughout the retreat and you may take some for your flight!
What about meals?
You will have breakfast each morning at the hotel, lunch will be either on your own or provided as a group activity.

Dinners are on your own and each participant is given a visa debit card to allow for the freedom of choice regarding dinner. There are numerous restaurants within walking distance of the hotel so you many dine alone or with others, depending on personal preference and needs.
What do I need to bring?
Bring comfortable clothing that you can layer in order to be comfortable with changing temperatures. Bring personal items and medications. There are free laundry machines at the hotel and we provide laundry detergent. 11th hour provides drinks and snacks throughout the retreat.
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