Trauma and the Family

Families can be impacted by a loved one’s trauma in many ways. Often family members are also affected from exposure to the trauma second hand or due to the emotional and behavioral changes in their loved ones.

How does PTSD affect families and loved ones?

When family members reach out to help, they are sometimes ignored or rejected.

People who have suffered trauma oftentimes dull their emotions and feel detached from others. They sometimes distance themselves from others and their own thoughts of the traumatic event. They do not do this on purpose.
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How do children cope with traumatic experiences?

Children deal with trauma through dissociation or hyperarousal.

It can be difficult to understand their behavior because when children are unable to achieve a sense of control and safety they become helpless.

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Developmental Symptoms of Childhood Trauma

Trauma can be developed at a very young age.

Understanding the depth and breadth of the symptoms is the first step to building a treatment plan. 

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Trauma and the Family
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